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Health Club

Royal Anka Hotel, our guests the convenience of considering the health of thinks.Turkish bath, sauna and fitness center and can remove yourself from the stress of the day, Vitamin Bar, sipping mix specially prepared for you, you can enjoy the hall.

Royal Anka

Which is the busiest streets in Ankara on GMK Boulevard, Maltepe Our ​​hotel islocated in the center, 25 km from the airport., 5 km from the bus station. away. In addition to the front of the hotel Bus Station with the subway service, our hotel within 10 minutes reach the bracketing possible.

foodProximity to public institutions, as well asbusiness, shopping and entertainment centers feature of being the focus of the RoyalAnka Hotel, held in the capital all the conveniences and opportunities for our valuedguests, bring it to your door.

Our restaurant, our experienced team and renews itself with each passing day, you do not change, which has become a passion for cuisine and distinct, delicious flavors, ground floor restauratımızda, Roof Cafe & Bar, and room service points and gives you the freedom it is possible to taste.


On the terrace of our hotel (floor 7), which at your feet, overlooking the Mausoleum to eat and drink while enjoying a dinner held in the capital to witness the most special moments of what you say? terrace wine house, with friendly and experienced team, you will be honored to welcome you at any time of day.


Our hotel in 3 different sizes with a choice of private meetings, seminars and so on.waiting for you to work out lounges, wireless service, projector, flip chart, microphone, stage, LCD TV and so on. There are technical equipment and accouterments.

food Royal Anka Hotel, continues to be with you the happiest of occasions. Wedding, engagement, circumcision, etc. all special occasions, as the family of Royal AnkaHotel, our guests will be happy to serve. With spacious rooms and unique view is open 7 days a week. Share your happiness, will be our pleasure to.